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Contact us:  wildbill@wildbillshoney.com

925 640 4013

We offer private lessons in beekeeping. 
We also provide

bees for sting therapy if you suffer from arthritis.

Would you like to have a hive placed on your property?

Bears (12oz.): $7 ea. (or $60/dozen)

Pint Jars (1.5lbs): $12 ea. (or $85/dozen)

2Lb squeez bottles $15.00
( plus shipping )

Quart Jars (3lbs): $20 ea.

Our honey is all natural, cold filtered, minimal heating applied. 
We strive to use no chemicals in our hives.

The pictures below show just how fresh honey can be.

And be sure to ask Wild Bill how come the wine press is full of pomegranate berries (the seeds from inside).

We sometimes have all natural comb honey.